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Personal development

In order to discover, test and develop their talents and skills, students are advised on strategies of learning to enable them to achieve goals all by themselves. In that process they overcome obstacles and develop a sound power of judgement. Thus they are able to grow up to self-contained personalities and to achieve the aspired degrees.


Means and goals:

  • various extra-curricular activities like choir, orchestra, sports, solar energy and environment, video, drama, caring for the needy, certificates in foreign languages
  • additional courses offered by the "friends of the school"
  • BOGY (career counselling at Gymnasium) and BORS (career counselling at Realschule) as introdution to the modern world of business and living
  • "Seminarkurs" to prepare for studying at university
  • using modern means of communication
  • capability to research critically and evaluate the results
  • self-contained learning in various ways
  • thinking in interdisciplinary contexts


Respecting everyone who participates in the school´s every day life is a pre-condition for working successfully and it contributes to a positive atmosphere in school. Furthermore the students are confronted with social problems of our society and they learn to take on responsibility. The complexity of social life is presented in school and discussed. Thus the pupils develop sympathy for both their own and other ways of life and so they will be able to take up different points of view.


Means and goals:

  • work experiences in social institutions at Gymnasium and Realschule ("Compassion" and "Care for the needy")
  • collaboration with Franziskuswerkstatt, a sheltered workshop and St. Klara day care centre of Caritas Sigmaringen
  • addiction prevention by a team of social workers, teachers and the students
  • counselling in case of school and family problems
  • continuous support for "El Kinder" kindergarten in Honduras
  • regular sale of fair trade products
  • partnerships and exchanges with schools in Europe and the USA


The pupils are encouraged to treat themselves, their environment and nature with respect and responsibility. The students experience their school as part of their lives, which they actively develop. With the help of projects beyond the curriculum, the students gain practical experience, which they transfer into lessons.


Means and goals:

  • several projects of the solar and environment team (photovoltaic, saving energy, competitions and presentations)
  • energy managers in all classes
  • waste prevention and waste separation
  • school garden with biotope
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