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Since 1993, our school has been taking part in an exchange programme called GAPP (German American Partnership Programme). Every two years we send a group of students, accompanied by two teachers, to Marshall school in Duluth, Minnesota, for three weeks. In the years between, the American exchange students visit their German friends in Sigmaringen and attend lessons at the Liebfrauenschule. This programme is a highly welcome motivation to those students, who show a high interest in the subject English. Accordingly, the rush of applicants is very high, when a new programme is announced. Unfortunately, the groups which finally can go to Duluth are smaller than the number of applicants, many of whom have to be sent away. This programme enables students to actively use the English language. Equally important is the contact with the American youth and family life to gain deeper insight in the American way of life and culture.




Exchange Sigmaringen - Gueret - Bellac

The aim of the French lessons in our school has always been to encourage tolerance and respect towards the other culture, to widen the horizon of our students and their experience of the world, so that they reconsider their own way of life against this background. n this context our student exchange with two French twin schools is of basic importance. For many years regular meetings have been arranged with the Lycée Pierre Bourdan in Guéret and with the Collège Louis Jouvet in Bellac (both are located in the scenic area of the Limousin in central France). The students stay with host families and take part in daily school life, not only to improve their fluency in speaking French, but also to gain insight into the “mentalité francaise” (French way of life). This way they can contribute to the deepening of the German-French friendship.



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